Alumni Updates: 

Marella Consolini ’67, Emily Baldwin ’06, Annabel Diedrich ‘15, and Eamon Woods ’09

Marella Consolini ‘67

Marella’s parents were one of the founding families of the school. Back then, MMS only went up to second grade and Marella was part of that very first graduating class (pictured below). It’s been some 53 years since then, and Marella has spent most of that time, with the exception of short stints in New Mexico and Texas, as a New Yorker. After an extensive career in the art world,  primarily in leadership positions at museums and non-profit arts organizations, Marella is looking forward to creating her next, post-pandemic chapter with her husband, an editor, in the Hudson Valley.

Marella says that  “I credit my Montessori education — and the example set by all the founding parents who, on behalf of their children, bravely launched something they passionately believed in without having any idea where it might go — with a tremendous amount of my success and happiness, both personally and professionally.”

Her brother Marcus (Marc then) also attended MMS (it was St Michael’s Montessori in those days) from the early to mid 70s. He has made his life – both family and career – in Japan for the last 25 years. He, his wife and their 5 year old daughter, Mimi, currently live in Osaka. They both would love to hear from classmates! You can reach out here:

Annabel Diedrich ‘15

Annabel graduated from Zurich International School this year, having completed the International Baccalaureate diploma. In September, she began attending the University of St. Gallen, also in Switzerland, concentrating on Business Administration.

Emily Baldwin ’06

Emily recently moved to London this fall to attend the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama for an Master of Arts in Applied Theatre.

Eamon Woods ’09

Eamon Wood remembers his time at MMS fondly. He went on to attend Stuyvesant High School and Trinity College, later graduating from Cornell in 2019. He currently lives in Berkeley and works as a software engineer at a tech company called Asana, which develops a web and mobile application designed to help teams manage their work. At Asana, Eamon primarily work on tools used by data scientists to analyze product data. While working remotely this summer on the East Coast, he was able to join his parents, Daniele Girard and Dan Woods, for their annual dinner on Cape Cod with former MMS administrators Wendy and Bob Reveri.